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Born To Win - Conditioned To Fail, America's Guide To Winning Again.

Annotated Table of Contents - Introduction to America's System for Success.

Putting The Power Performance Program © To Work For You.

Power Session 1 Overcoming a Lifetime of Conditioning.
How we have been conditioned to fail from birth.
Our Born to Win spirit still thrives inside of us.
Rekindling the fire.
Getting a quick start without getting stuck in quick sand.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
We've Got to Get You Out of Condition.
Power Session 2 America's Need to Succeed.
Answering your wake up call.
Actions speak louder than words.
Winning begins the minute you do.
A little extra makes a big difference.
Doing what "can't" be done every day.
Developing a failure proof "can do" attitude.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
Your Outlook Determines Your Outcome.
Power Session 3 Taking Charge and Challenging Yourself.
Without challenge - there is no achievement.
Anything and everything is subject to change.
Don't go with the flow.
This mission is possible.
Time to put some power into your performance.
Motivation begins and ends with mo-tion.
` * Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
A Preview of Coming Attractions.
Power Session 4 Unclutter the Clutter.
It's time to confess to the mess.
Now let's take out the trash
Don't put your life on layaway.
Replacing the clutter with clarity.
Stop reading the fine print.
Holding a daily clearance "sail"
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
Doing a Little Sight Seeing.
Power Session 5 Easy As Counting to Ten.
Learning to count on yourself
People need to know they can count on you.
Every day counts.
Time to TAKE 2!
What a day a difference makes.
Open the door when opportunity knocks
Then get up and get going.
The countdown to success.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
Count to Ten and Win.
Power Session 6 Giving Change a Chance.
Going through a change of life.
Making change.
Out of reach - not out of sight.
Winning from the inside out.
Never short change yourself.
Keep the change.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
What's In It For Me?
Power Session 7 Player or Pretender?
Holding up your end of the bargain.
The player inside you needs to play.
Are you playing to win or playing it safe?
The "do it yourself" kit.
Playing for keeps.
Follow the leader.
Take off the warm-ups, it's time to play ball!
24 Hour Positive Power ©
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
Becoming a Copy Cat.
Power Session 8 Making Common Sense Common Again.
Common since when?
Common sense nuts and bolts.
Do not pass "go".
Common cents.
Embracing an uncommon approach.
Common ground.
Common people + common sense = uncommonly great results.
The common denominators.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
Putting Common Sense Into Common Practice.
Power Session 9 Healthy Habits.
Beware of the sneak attack .
Habit forming.
Quick fix vs. permanent practice.
Substitution process.
Getting a "good" grip (acquiring good habits).
The 2 Hour Check In To Win ©.
Never complain, never explain.
Whipping yourself into playing condition.
Learn a habit by living it.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
Enjoy a Million Dollar Day Every Day of Your Life.
Power Session 10 Spontaneous Combustion.
Grab the ball and run with it.
Under construction.
You have to get up to go.
Creating a positive chain reaction.
Instant Inner-gy.
Practicing some internal medicine.
Feeling the urge for a power surge.
Getting carried away is A-OK.
Readying yourself for a prime time performance.
` * Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
All Systems Go!
Power Session 11 Today is Definitely Your Day.
Making today the best day ever.
Getting close does count.
Having it sooner rather than later.
Here's a sight for "soar" eyes.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
You Can Get There From Here.
Power Session 12 Setting Your Cruise Control.
Your wish is your command.
You can have it your way.
Radiating positive power 24 hours a day.
Turn on the ignition switch.
Choosing the express lane.
Right turns only.
Fasten your seat belts.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
Go for the Green!
Power Session 13 High Impact Interactions.
Life support systems.
Developing fire power.
Breaking the sound barrier.
Stop, look and then really listen.
Close encounters.
Doing some home improvement.
Root, root, root for the home team.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
Global Warming.
Power Session 14 It Takes Focus - Not Hocus Pocus.
Persistence prevails when all else fails.
Do you believe in magic?
An "I" opening experience.
Getting there fast and making it last.
Making a list and checking it twice.
The third time is the charm.
Seeing and seizing opportunity.
Mind over matters.
The super charged 1-5-1- success formula.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
At Your Service.
Power Session 15 Being in the Right Place at the Right Time.
It serves you right.
Getting all of the lucky breaks.
Preparation meets opportunity.
No better time than right now.
No better place than right here.
It's now or never.
Stepping into the winner's circle.
Standing room only.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
No Hazardous Waste Allowed.
Power Session 16 Pride Comes From the Inside.
Your pride never hides.
Doing within keeps you from doing without.
Stand up and be counted.
It's what's inside that counts.
Plenty of credit to go around.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
Quality Control.
Power Session 17 Yes, You Can!
Giving "can't" the heave ho.
Developing a "can do" attitude.
Extra, extra - read all about it.
It's only a matter of time.
Security is an inside job.
Sneaking a peek at the peak.
You'll see it when you believe it.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
Raising the Roof.
Power Session 18 Learning How to Lose the Wait.
Waiting is a useless waste of time.
Wait control.
Wait loss.
Avoiding double trouble - fear and procrastination.
Turning fear into fuel.
Two wrongs do make a right - failing your way to the top.
Over wait.
Wait lifting exercises.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
Never Say Never.
Power Session 19 Pushing Beyond Your Boundaries.
Reaching the outer limits.
Living without limitations.
Fit to be untied
Forcing yourself to grow every day.
Going out of your mind.
Bend but never break.
S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g exercises that really work.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
Time to Shake, Rattle and Roll.
Power Session 20 A Daily Commitment to Excellence.
Committed to the cause.
Excellence from the inside out.
Keep up the great work weekly - not weakly.
You're simply irresistible.
Putting your best to the test.
Doing whatever it takes
Charting your Personal Progress.
Effort beats excuses every day.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
The Grass is Always Greener.
Power Session 21 Getting the Most Out of What You Have Been Given.
Don't let the tail wag the dog.
Here's some high flying wing tips.
Cultivating a super healthy self image.
Your mind works in pictures.
Harvesting the "burst of ideas".
Using your power tools.
Squeezing the sponge.
Free and clear at last.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
Getting More Out of Less.
Power Session 22 Silence is Golden.
Taking an occasional time out.
Hang out the "gone fishing" sign.
Balancing your budget.
A snooze you can use.
Getting a little peace of mind.
The tranquillity of quiet achievement.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
A Little Refresher Course.
Power Session 23 Denying Your Doubts.
Past tense.
Why knot?
Overcoming overwhelm.
Fear not.
Easier done than said.
Hear and now.
We own our outcomes.
Without a doubt.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
Making A Clean Sweep.
Power Session 24 Becoming Fiscally Fit.
Going for broke.
Taking yourself to the bank.
Cash flow or cash woes.
Minding your on business.
Scratching that itch to get rich.
Take this job and love it.
Your next raise becomes effective when you do.
Getting the biggest bang for the buck.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
Cash in a Flash.
Power Session 25 Thinking Super Big and Working Super Smart.
Getting a pace lift.
Seeing the big picture.
Having a smart attack.
Watch the crowd - then go in the opposite direction.
No deposit - no return.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
Becoming a "Roads" Scholar.
Power Session 26 Doing the Right Thing Because It's the Right Thing to Do.
Barking up the right tree.
There's never a wrong time to do the right thing.
Playing by the right rules.
Trust or consequences.Moments of truth.
Performance outsells promises.
Marking time or making history?
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
Doing Your Good Deed for the Day.
Power Session 27 Becoming an Overnight Success.
Paying your dues.
The drive to feel alive and thrive.
Becoming bullet proof.
Taking charge once again.
Overnight improvement.
Developing a mean streak (say what you mean & mean what you say).
One of a kind.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
Don't Take No For An Answer.
Power Session 28 Making Ends Meet.
Believe it or not.
Finders keepers.
There's no better place than 1st place.
It's a matter of fact.
Learning the "write" approach.
Ready when you are.
You're growing places.
Better than ever.
Winning on purpose.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
Pocket Power.
Power Session 29 Pushing the Power Button.
Setting the stage for America to win again.
A winning attitude is not optional.
Winners don't whine and whiners don't win.
Using the slow motion replay success strategy.
Taking off the blinders.
Zoom in for a closer look.
Your best is yet to come.
Winning isn't everything or is it?
The starting line awaits.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
Always Start What You Finish.
Power Session 30 Something Special Can Happen Here.
Definitely worth repeating.
What goes around comes around.
Your new life's story - a guaranteed best seller.
Avoiding the danger of doing nothing.
Good things happen to good people.
Raring to roar again.
Setbacks pave the way for comebacks.
Still the land of the free and the home of the brave.
* Power Performance Strategy of the Day ©:
Fulfilling Your Date With Destiny.

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