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Programs, Presentations and Seminars

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to Review Excerpts from the Power Performance Program
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to Listen to Audio Excerpts from the Power Performance Program
Click Here for Today's Power Up Passage ©
Welcome to The Motivational and Inspirational Corner's Power Performance Programs, Presentations and Seminars ©. If you're looking for high energy, power packed programs, presentations or seminars to turbo charge your employees at work or attendees at an upcoming meeting or convention, you've come to the right place. Chances are good that we have a Power Performance Program © to fit your needs and budget as well.

You can choose from our wide array of Power Performance Programs ©, ranging from thirty minute presentations to full day hands-on workshops. All presentations and workshops are delivered by Greg Hickman, President of The Motivational and Inspirational Corner, Inc. and creator of the highly acclaimed 30 day Power Performance Program& copy; (click here to learn more about the Power Performance Program ©).

Greg's electrifying and energetic presentation style helps powerfully deliver his dynamic and positive message to his audience. Greg speaks from the heart, custom tailoring his unique and uplifting presentations to the audience he is addressing. He understands the importance of matching the right Power Performance Program © to your particular audience. Your needs and specific objectives are our primary considerations when selecting the appropriate message for your group. The program selected for your group is guaranteed to fuel their interest and maintain their attention.

Greg brings his twenty five years of experience to the stage, delivering his powerful personal development presentations in a captivating, upbeat manner. These exciting and entertaining presentations are designed to get the audience involved, but never uses embarrassing exercises that turn people off. We want our audiences to have a good time, but we also want them to come away from the presentations with some tangible tools and techniques they can use to immediately implement positive change in their lives. We feel our programs should be fun, thought provoking and more than anything else - make a difference in the lives of each and every person in attendance.

Here is a quick snapshot of our Power Performance Programs, Presentations and Seminars©.
The Power Up Program ©.
A short but sweet positive charged program that emphasizes the importance of positive thinking in our every day lives. This proven, personal growth seminar will bolster the self confidence and self esteem of each and every participant, making them feel happier, healthier and more full of life.

The Power Performer Presentations ©.
These high impact presentations are designed for medium to large settings, varying from thirty minutes to two hours in length. These motivational presentations provide a blueprint for achievement, showing the participants how they can realize their immense potential by utilizing the gifts and talents they already have within them. These exciting, life enhancing presentations place heavy emphasis on accepting personal responsibility, developing a can do attitude, overcoming negative conditioning and seeing and seizing opportunity.

  • Overcoming a Lifetime of Conditioning.
  • Taking Charge and Challenging Yourself
  • Giving Change A Chance
  • Denying Your Doubts.
  • Your Outlook Determines Your Outcome.
  • Doing What Can't Be Done Everyday.
  • Winning From the Inside Out.
  • Overcoming Overwhelm.
  • High Impact Interactions.
The Power Performance Program Business Series ©
These super charged presentations are designed for corporate and large convention settings, varying from thirty minutes to full day workshops. These motivational presentations center around team building concepts; where the time management, communication, interpersonal and networking skills that are crucial to the success of any business are emphasized.

Participants learn how to become better organized and make better decisions at work. By increasing their self confidence and bolstering their self awareness, they are much better positioned to significantly increase their productivity as well.

In today's increasingly more competitive business environment, happy customers and profitability are the name of the game and The Power Performance Program Business Series © focuses on building win-win relationships with customers and employees alike.

  • Learning How to Lose the Wait.
  • Thinking Super Big and Working Super Smart.
  • Breaking the Sound Barrier.
  • Take This Job and Love It.
  • Performance Outsells Promises.
  • Stop, Look and Then Really Listen.

What makes the Power Performance Programs, Presentations and Seminars© so unique?

Quite simply, it's our powerful message that each of us were put on earth to thrive, not simply survive. While each of us were born to win, many among us are conditioned to fail from birth. We are repeatedly told we're not good enough, not smart enough and not lucky enough to make it to the top. We are constantly reminded of what we can't do and can't have in life.

Our Power Performance Programs © break down these self imposed barriers and forcefully reawakens, rekindles and re-energizes the winner deep down inside of us. Instead of giving in to those who constantly condition us to fail, the Power Performance Programs © pave the way for the winner inside us to emerge and take control of his or her destiny. The Power Performance Programs © emphasize incremental changes we can all make to insure each of us permanent success. Rather than hyping quick fix techniques, we provide the tools necessary to implement positive, permanent change in people's lives.

Give us a chance - and you'll get results. Guaranteed

If you're looking for a presentation or workshop that can make a real difference in the lives of those in attendance, please give us a call at 1-888-547-6462 or simply click email us now.

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